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Message Subject Paranormal Capabilities and Realities . . . Do they exist?  . . . What do you think?
Poster Handle Sandi_T
Post Content
Question . . . Do you have a theory on how this all works. . . In the example above. . . .was the cat a sentient being . . . Or just a temporary shell for a spirit not the cat's . . . ? What is your take on all this? . . .coffee4
 Quoting: George B

Ah, that is a vast question, George. It's not like you asked me, "how's the weather?"

I'll tackle it, and hope that your question is what I think it is, rather than the minimalist question it appears to be on the surface...

When I died, I walked with the Great Universal Intelligence that created and sustains everything. Therefor, I cannot answer your question without that fact involved in the reply.

That which created everything prefers life. It is biased towards life. It is biased towards creation. Ultimately, everything that you see has a basic inherent sentience. You cannot consume without taking in sentience on a spiritual level. I was shown this while I was dead and walking within that which created everything.

Let me make a simple example. Sound is physical. When music plays, the sound is all around us. It's in the air, in our bodies, though us and around us and above and below us.

It permeates not only us, but also the walls, the floor, everything. It penetrates, permeates, and becomes part of it. That is sound, something that few people view as physical. They think of it as 'sound', a thing outside of the physical, because it can penetrate without leaving a hole or needing a hole, thus they don't think of it as a thing with substance.

In much the same way, intelligence permeates us. It penetrates us, it is both all around us, and yet through us, and also part of us. Like music.

What causes a tree to grow? From something utterly unrecognizable as a tree, a mere seed, comes a towering oak or a mighty poplar. This is the basic creative intelligence that permeates everything like music.

Within this intelligence, this love that has weight, volume, substance... we live and have our being. As much as it penetrates us, we penetrate it.

Did you know that a platypus literally has an EXTRA sense? A sixth sense in the most literal meaning. It can sense electrical impulses. It does not feel them, does not hear them, does not smell them, does not taste them, does not see them. It has a specialized sense.

Anyone with the extra sensory organ could do what the platypus does. There is something either in my brain, or in my electrical system, that allows for this 'extra' sense. I have some sort of as-yet unrecognized sensory organ (be it electrical or physical in nature, I can not be certain, but I believe it to be electrical) that allows for the recognition of what is around us at all times.

My limitation of 5 senses is the filter through which I must understand this additional 'intelligence' sense. I must 'hear' it and 'see' it and 'smell' it, etc. For that is what my brain is equipped to understand.

So when the 'music' of the intelligence of the Universe plays around us, some of us are able to 'tune in' like a radio frequency. But we filter that 'frequency' into what we and others understand: the 5 senses.

What did I tune into in order to communicate with the cat? Is the cat's spirit 'real'? Are animals sentient (spiritually speaking)?

I tuned into the cat's spirit. Her part of the Great Intelligence... that part of the great infinite song that she sings. She is the oboe and another is the cello. If you listen closely to music, you can find a certain instrument and focus on it. Some can do this well, some poorly, some cannot because they don't know enough about music.

I happen to be able to tune into this 'universal intelligence' sometimes. I'm better at it than others, I suppose you could say. The cat's part in the great song did a solo for me, you could say. Then the music swelled again and her voice returned to the great song of the universe.

We are all infinitely linked to that song. We are all, spiritually speaking, sentient. The cat as much as the man. The stone as much as the woman. If the great universal intelligence was an orchestra, the stone with be the double bass. Long, low, and slow. Because they sit and do nothing, we think them unthinking and mindless. Because we attribute only what we can sense with 5 very limited and narrow senses to reality.

Yet just beyond that is so much more than we can ever imagine or guess at. While I traveled with 'god' while dead, I learned that there are colors we have no names for. Think about this; we have THREE color cones/rods in our eyes. THREE! That's it. We are literally limited to the ability to see only within that range. But when you're dead, there are colors far beyond our limits.

We KNOW FOR A FACT that there are sounds far beyond our human limits. We'll never hear them. We can at best hear representations of them.

Some people, like me, have almost supernatural hearing. My hearing and my sense of smell are excessively acute.

And so it is with those who can sense that extra layer of reality. That music/ art/ scent/ flavor/ silken gauze of the Universe that can't be experienced by the limitations of 3 rods/cones, a few thousand nerves, etc.

The cat's alive in the least literal sense of the word. Her 'soul' or 'spirit' or 'song' will exist forever as part of that unseen, unheard whole. It can be accessed by those rare people who have that other sense. Like the platypus, only slightly different. It is a spiritual sensory organ, not a physical one.
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