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Was Katrina HAARP Engineered as a Martial Law Drill?

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05/20/2012 08:28 PM
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Was Katrina HAARP Engineered as a Martial Law Drill?
Here is some footage of troops/police going through New Orleans after the looting [link to youtu.be] (1:18:00). Reminds me of CODMW3 when you have to go through suburbia and do battles.

IF Katrina was HAARP engineered was it to create a scenario where troops/police could effectively engage in martial law type activities? IF they sent a hurricane straight into New Orleans the results would have been predictable.. Looting and mayhem. Enter law enforcement and the National Guard. Was this a massive Martial Law "drill" for a similar scenario to come?

Maybe the final false flag will be an attack from "aliens". Maybe these nasty "aliens" will attack civilian populations/infrastructure and also some of the biological facilities that house some of the deadliest viruses on the planet thus plaguing millions of people in just weeks.
Where Did the Towers Go? -Dr. Judy Wood