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Message Subject I am part of the Illuminati, and am involved in high levels of government, ask me a question
Poster Handle 12DnAHelix
Post Content
I believe this to be the rapture....ascension...harvest...even going through portals that are presented as being "a way out" and walking onto ships.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3910757

I don't know anything about that, and that is not what I mean; I mean what I said.

Our genetic scientists beginning next year, with Molten Rothschild spearheading / financing the whole thing are going to begin cloning humans ((if they are not already)) and working on ''blank slate triple dna helix life creation''.

The triple dna helix will be pushed as the trinity of creation, you will see the trinity gain as much exposure as the skulls & deaths head we see on clothing everywhere ...

That is what I mean, there is much understanding which is lacking in most.

Start here:

12 DnA Strand Mandala, Part 1
Thread: We are not all shape-shifters, The first real reptilian to give you answers (Page 11)

12 DnA Strand Mandala, Part 2
Thread: We are not all shape-shifters, The first real reptilian to give you answers (Page 12)

What I am saying is that with our di-strand dna helix there is evolutionary potential, once they splice a third dna strand onto our di-strand helix it will essentially lock humanity into a new matrix - one which is totatally disconnected from the original intended blueprint.

The triple dna helix is of the grey aliens, who are not gods; they are biologically immortal space faring drones.

Just because something is biologically immortal, it doesn't mean that it can not be killed; only that it's physiology can function ceaselessly.

The greys are here now, because they needed raw material from before this splicing takes place; along the reality line which they come from they are at the end of the road ...

They might have time traveled, if you read the Travis Walton account.

You can only clone a biologically immortal drone so many generations before the coding breaks down.

It is sort of like that.

So now you guys see, they are threatening me with death; that's how much they fear the truth being told & being exposed.

They have sold us all out, and all you people hate on the draconians; and David dIcke has slandered the renegade factions of Alpha Dracs ...

They are the ones who returned to humanity the symbolic visual image, it has to do with timelines & correction of the unfoldment of them within the spatial field.

If anything happens to me though, you will know why; but you won't know - I will just disappear.

... and none of you even knew that 'EYE', 'WE'; were here.

Kind Regards,
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