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Message Subject I am part of the Illuminati, and am involved in high levels of government, ask me a question
Poster Handle DangerDog
Post Content
Could it be - just theoretically - that the timeline shift was THIS? This article was posted on May 23rd!

Research this

2012 - is it Really the Occult Year of the New World Order
[link to occultsecrets.weebly.com]

"LIVE" article about 2012, NWO, etc. that will be updated and constructed all throughout 2012.

That means the article was posted on May 23rd but will change and be "alive" during this year (and maybe beyond, if possible :).

GoAl : Xpose Yal'dabaoth aka JaBaalOn damned

project msk(matrix system kill)
switch: on


Activation automatic in 30 seconds
Do you want to activate? Y/N: Y

Activation initiated
10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 Go
TO BE CONTINUED AFTER THE 13R34K zzzstrtrdkkkfzzzRRZzzZTK*&#!

1dpanic ahhh
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