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Subject We Need To Take The Best Of The 60's and The Hippee Era To A New Higher Level! ! !
Poster Handle Trulyenlightend
Post Content
The 60's was a time of awakening.

They had the right idea! Artistic expression, free love(in a sense), communal living, anti-capitalism and anti-materialism.
It was exactly what was needed at the time. People could see through the war for profit and the communist fearmongering. They were tired of it.
Many can now see through all these fearful b.s. wars they force on us as well. It's all fear mongering for profit.
The occupy wall street movement may have just been a first step along the path to a much bigger movement that has to come quickly if we are to save ourselves and the planet.
Even without the wars we are still destroying the planet through unprecedented oil spills and nucelar disasters.
We spend enough money on defense in one year alone that could wipe out all hunger. Yet we allow them to manipulate us with fear. To create a sense of separation through nationalism, religion, and potical ideology.
You know another war will be force fed upon us soon. It's time to just say no!
No more wars! No more corporate greed! Yes to love! Yes to creative artistic expression! Yes to the advancement of knowledge for the betterment of all and not for profit.
The question is.... How do we do it?
How do we start a new movement that takes all that was good from the 60's and the Hippee movement and turn it into something that will stick. And help us to create Heaven here on Earth. Take us to being a better society.
For you know, there is a conspiracy in the world. And it has been kept by the few to control the many. They have done it for a long time now. But we are aware of them now. We are awake and can see them. So let us take our planet back out of the hands of the few. The greedy. The ego-driven. Let us find our way together.
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