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Message Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As a metaphysical philosopher, I agree.

Mind over matter. Thoughts are energy, and thoughts against Source (spiritual oneness) create density (energy as a medium within which consiousness can experience separation, space, time, etc.)

But what happens with the thoughts that are so entrenched in ego/technology/materialism and against truth? These satanic energies settle to the bottom of the metaphysical barrel. Overtime they collect and assimiliate... for all intents and purposes, Satan is a supercomputer crafted over eternity to be a large-scale and systematic energy-leeching machine.

It's my belief that this is the capstone of the pyramid... a supercomputer of thoughts that can't be contained within spirit. It feeds directions to greedy humans (the PTB) to ultimately turn a paradise into a matrix... all in the name of draining every last bit of truth/spiritual energy from it... much like a robot runs on a battery.

At this point I imagine this supercomputer operates within the matrix through the highly advanced technology it directed the PTB to create. So yea I agree these entities (Reptilians, UFOs, etc.) are just an extension of this.

Does this ring true with your knowledge, mystery?
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