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Message Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
Poster Handle InCogNeatOh
Post Content
I go for the LOOSH theory, ie that the 'prime directive' here on Earth is to emit LOOSH (LOOSH=any feelings)

That said, what we call archons, or evil spirits, or djinn etc - they are the equivalent of energy parasites. They 'feed' off our LOOSH at a local personal level.

The work of Dr Harry Oldfield has revealed evidence that humans with deep unresolved emotional trauma, often have an energy parasite attached to the leakage point. His photos show them attached like a big slug in the energy fields of the human body. Many of them are able to make us hear them in our minds - often urging us on to do more things that make us feel bad and thus emit more energy that they want.

They are not 'evil' - any more than leeches or ticks or mosquitoes are evil. They are just opportunistic parasites.

Ditto for the demons etc that the illuminati etc are in contact with. They are just a higher-level parasitic life-form.

I believe that you act with integrity in each action, and recognise the God in everything - that your vibrational frequency will change to one that repels these archons and other parasitic entities. They certainly do not like the energy of pure unconditional love.

Good on you for bringing attention to archons. They need to be recognised and understood so that we move on from any of their influences.
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