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Message Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The word jinn...means to be hidden...concealed.

There are so many correlations about the ginn and archons about being hidden...all of the knowledge is basically hidden...concealed.


I tell you why....

The majority of the gods or god in religious texts and various cultures through history is made up of these beings.
they hide behind other labels and intent.
When i said they imitate..only a certain faction imitates in there hierarchy.
The more evolved intelligent ones are the makers of the original systems. the rest imitate the system that's in place.

They have a hierarchy system through there intent that follows factional systems like we have on earth.

Religion was setup as a two fold system....one was implemented by the so called elite in body and the other was devised by the archonic influence...
The two go hand in hand.

All of the setup and influence was carried out in the morhpic fields that were setup.

A certain vibrational intent can be carried out in this field were it's overlaid over time, to setup other systems through a breakaway field.

They carry on through humanity's participation in these fields.
In other words...our participation by our consciousness in these fields carry on to built it's original intent.

We create and carry the original story lines and vibrations from the original setup in these morphic fields.

All the stories in the bible about certain gods and beings are the archons..jinns...gennie.

They are the master decievers...the hidden ones.

It's really complicated and hard to express the first creation stories in words.

They talk about these beings being created by sophia (earth). When she came into being.

They say that they existed before us.
That's bullshit.
Maybe before we came into body... but we have been around much longer.

It's virtually impossible to put down in words on how it came into being.

The only way that I can convey it and this won't do it justice is....there copies of our original inprint into creation. Not just matter...I'm talking about the source fields that came into being.
Unmanifested states carry inprints in the subatomic level.
To bring these inprints to life as such...it needs a conscious intent.
It's like a prism that reflects different fields of it's original makeup...it views it's own self into being.

This is were they originally came into being...consciousness has different compartments...in truth these compartments are not seprete.
There reflections of source.

So the archonic influence is a reflection from the primal source.

One mirror view of the prism.

I know this is hard to swallow and I know that there are many who are going to throw the bullshit star up.
I'm not concerned with ratings.
I'm here for one reason only..to reveal what has been hidden.
It won't be a mysterynomore.
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