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Message Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
Loved reading this, OP thanks. Learned a lot AND it made sense to me lol...(lol because a lot of stuff on here does not make sense)

What's up with the poster who babbles about Thor and role playing? I have seen this poster in one or two other threads-always with the same subject as your thread is.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12842609

Anything to do with these beings (archon) will be debased in one form or another.
Because this information has been swiped virtualy from our records...be it normal people of ignorance or shills...they will see it as a threat to there own stupity.

I can easly put these people in there place but I have no time for ignorance.
This is easly achieved through certain words that make an impression on a particular mind set.

They will see the truth in there own time.

Jumping to another subject that I wanted to mention.

If the whole system comes crashing down...that involves our energy systems, which is a major factor in generating the majority of our job sector.

This would involve chaos for humanity if no alternative was to replace this.

If one whole system is to be replaced...it will be in the form of free energy devices that don't exist in our field of awareness... at this point of time.

Devices on a similiar line of what nikola tesla instigated.

These devices would rid all electricty...oil..cars..planes and so on and so on.
All company's that spin of these systems would become obsolete...and that would be the majority of the job sector.

This would be the foundations of the change, in accordance with energy that prevaled within the earth's bio-fields, grid structure.

The whole planet and our conscious intent would change in accordance with this new system.

The ancients were adept in these fields..why would they not hide them in underground chambers for future use.

Also hidden from the tyranny that would not want them exposed.

How...were...why... is up for debate.
But I can tell you one thing...they will resurface in our life time because these systems we have now, are about to fall.

There is a two fold aspect to the change...
The energy lines will be activated and these devices will once again surface.

And you know what...the so called elite can't do anything to stop this.
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