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Message Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
>>Lost interest in this thread...was going to delete all of it and restart with a different concept.

I didn't think it was going in the right direction.<<

it's not too late.. you have been mentioning that you would start a thread on the subject of archons in your other threads. the other threads of yours were really informative and so I was excited to see you finally start this one that you had mentioned often.

it seemed strange to me to see you start this in such a breif manor as I was expecting something big because you mentioned before you were working on it (this thread but it would take some time)

oh well, I am glad you are OK though and hopefull you will restart or pick-up from here on this subject.

I need as much input as I can get with it. I am starting to see how its all energy and mind but cant put enough of it together to make use of it so any tid bits of info are helpful, many times the least bit is the one that make things click for me.

if you dont have or are not ready to continue the info on the subject then do you have any reccomended reading suggestions?

Ive read some of your other threads over and over as well as the others on or near this subject. its important.

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