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Message Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
By setting up there own exclusive schools in the past and present...they bring these thoughtforms into our conscious field.

Groups of eoteric rituals are based on these paths...that's why there so engrossed in ritual play.

Carlos casteneda mentioned in his book...a separate reality... that humanity was infected by a parasite.

These symbiotic entity relationships with our collective consciousness is this parasite.

They have implanted an artificial parasite into our conscious field basically.

The elite have opened up the doorway into a viral parasite that's infected our ability to be free...

Not only have they been infected but there relationship has past on that infection to humanity.

By openning up doorways and forming relationships with these beings...they spread the viral parasite into our field of awarness.

Now...what do we do about it?

These corridors...frequency lines need to be closed.
The sacred sites carry energy lines through the systems of grid lines that partake in certain dimensional lines.

That's why they highjacked these lines of energy.
They basically got drunk on the power that was associated with these beings.
Through history you can see many facts of deals being done, with entity's to gain favors and power.

All of these are associated with these relationships with the egregore mind collective.
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