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Message Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
This story goes back to 1981.

This was the year I came in contact with tptb.

I came across this book store that was esoteric in nature.
Basically I brought some books and oils.

After about a 6 month period...the people that ran the store invited me to a meetup involving esoteric talks.

At this first meetup...there would of been a good hundred in attendance.
What I found odd was...there were about a dozen in the crowd that wore suits.
In comparison to the rest of the people in attendace, they looked at of place.

I started to get a fair inkling of what was going on at this very first stage.
Cutting the story short, they invited me to a few more of these meetups over a 3 month period.

All of these meetups were held in different locations near the city center.
The places were they were held were very spacious and large buildings.

There was no way they were hiring these buildings and later I found out that they owned these places.

The women that I meet in the original esoteric shop was the one who had a hand in organising these meetups.

She keeped on mentioning that they wanted me to go into a ritual ceremony that they did in secret.
This ritual was in reference to a ancient egyptian ceremony with the patheon of the egyptian gods.

She mentioned at one point that we don't let any person go into these ritual ceremony's, unless they possesed a certain signature frequency.

This went on for over a year period were they tested me out basically.
I found out they pretty much new everything about me...were I lived and my name and so on.

At one point I was invited to this guy's house that had given some of the talks.

When I arrived there...I was greeted by this women...stunning looking women.
Inside the house there was another women also...in total there was four of us.
The house was very average in terms of value and looks.

The thing that struck me was when we went into this room that resembled a totally different enviroment.
It was like I was transported into another place all together.
It was decked out in ancient artifacts...it was like a palace room basically.
We sat down for a while and talked about things in general for an hour or so.
Then one of the women wanted to do a psychic reading for me.
I refused at the start because I new what they were up to.
This was another test...they wanted basically to tap into my energy field.

As I found out...they use high grade psyhics..not like the ones out in the public.
There far more advanced.

I finally agreed to have this reading after they really pushed the issue.

They picked up a fair few things about what my energy field was about.
They did't mention anything about day to day stuff.
This didn't interest them.
I'm not going to go into the details because it's not important.

The thing that took me by surprise was the room...it was like it was hidden in the middle of the house.

to be continued...
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