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Message Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
I'll put up some information earlier because of these fools who try to bebase threads.

All of our reality..this includes the religious concepts is manmade.

The concept of deity through cultures and religion is brought into effect by thoughtforms that are created.

The earlier posting of the egregor is formed through a certain a collective mind set that brings these institutions into effect.

There all artifically created beings..life forces that are formed through highly advanced mind sets that bring them into reality.

These life forms are made more effective because through the ages the concept of a particular idea...be it religion or what have you...is feed by the populance that inherites these belief systems.

In other words...we solidify and make them stronger.
We keep that thought form living in the matrix that's created basically.

The matrix contains a particular life form within each system that's created.

A highly advanced group of people give life and breath to artificial thought forms that carry on through the ages.

The adepts or shamans were renowned in these fields of creating certain forms in creation.

tptb have worked there magic to create a false ideology of life forms, that carry on in our belief systems, and there feed these ideas to humanity for centuries to make them stronger.

Getting late here... so I'll carry on tommorow.
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