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Message Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
To give people an understanding on how magical energy forms work...I have to explain the manifestations on these forms.

tptb are basically high initiate magicians.

In our ancient past they created life forms...these are done by group initations.

There nothing like we have or know about in today's world of magical practises.
The word magic... it's not what people think...it's a concept of forming images through intent and energy formations.
This takes a fair amont of skill and understanding to achieve.

These thoughtforms are created into what they term a sigil...
It forms into a image through geometric shapes.
I did mention about the square floor of the masons before...
I said that it represents doorways.
In effect it does...but it has a alternate meaning.
The squares are symbolic of image transfer into forms.

They call part of this the hidden rite..chaos magic.

The sigil is a lifeless android to start with...it does not think or comprehend.
It's in it's embryonic stage.
These are the artificial entity that they speak of.
I've come across them in the book...a search in secret egypt by paul brunton.

They refer to them as the ginn..these are the archon.

Once these beings start to get more and more energized...they start to be serviant to there master.

The ancient priethood in egypt were part of these imitations.
They placed certain particular beings in tombs as guardings.
These beings were around before our cultures formed...so these priesthoods used and molded these beings further into there creations. They imbuded more life and intent within there form.

There is a problem with doing these imitations...they can take on a life of there own as such and cause great havoc.

The story's in the gnostic text go into it to some extent.
They do tie into this concept with there imitation.
These beings imitate from our conscious intent...what lies in our perceptions are imbuded into these creations.

All of the religion gods are imitations and creations of thoughtforms basically.

They form through the concept of intent...what formed these concepts originally are further energized by humanity's intent.
I use the term intent to simplify what is formed.
to go into the details is not important.

This applies to all of our reality that we know.
Even the legal system is an entity of it's own.
These are creations of what we term man...not god or gods.

To be continued.
sorry... I just haven't got the patience to sit in front of a computer for long and write these long threads.
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