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Message Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
>>To be continued.
sorry... I just haven't got the patience to sit in front of a computer for long and write these long threads.<<

can you get the patience? ;-) I'm the same way except on the other end of the thread so not much choice but to be patient.

been reading your posts for about a year now and I feel there is something to them/you so I keep waiting.. that last post was a good one!

I've read others posts here about sigils. seems anyone can put them to work if they have that goal. what do you think about it? is it a subject worthy of study?

if it is, it is one of many it seems.. I really wish there was a clear cut path to follow.. something that says "start here", "do this", "then this", etc. etc.

good stuff OP! always looking forward to more
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1105272

It's not just the patience of writing a long thread.
I've had a few things on my plate at the moment...
Been busy with a few things basically.

I like to get it all out over a week period, but certain things have held me back.

Was going to write one tonight but we just got a resonable earthquake here, and had a few friends ring me up.

So I've been side tracked again...were not used to a 5.5 magnitute here...people shit themselves basically.

If you want to study the sigil information...I suggest you don't go into the practical part in anyway...just the theory.

It's to dangerous for people to create such things because they just don't have the experience in these matters.

Plus...the ones that have been formed over centuries can attach themselves to people.

For a single person to create a sigil is very difficult...that person would have to be highly..highly experienced.

These sigils are created by groups with the same goal.

What they term demons....there a creation of an artificial nature.

Most of what's been known or said in texts about entity's are creations of thought forms.

I mentioned about the gennie being let out of the bottle phrase.
These beings are artificial formations...in the grid structure there are geometric thoughtforms that get created.

All of these creations apply to our daily lives...example is how we bring things into frutition in our day to day lives.

We create every day through thought creations...the thing is people don't even realise that potential.

I see that your realising this concept with what you mentioned.
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