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Message Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
How did they learn to use this technology? I call it technology, because that's what I think it is. Etheric forms manifesting in our dimension from another dimension by using a form of technology. Who, how, what taught the original users that this was even possible?

Let's say a negative thought form is manifested by a group. Is it possible to destroy it? How does that work?

Thanks for your threads mysterynomore, they make sense.
 Quoting: Bent

They weren't taught to form imitations originally.

What they were taught was the energy pathways through there own fields and creation line of forms.

Once you learn these ways...you learn how the bigger picture operates in creation.
Be it geometric or geomancy's science.

If you have a good look...the masons and other fraternity's have a large symbolic form through there groups.

This has been passed down in trickles through the generations.

Who taught these people?

People that were adepts..they were adept in there craft.
Through the science in energy fields they went within the bowels of what is termed, the mystery schools.

Heirophants guided the inititate through the formations of energy grids that run through our fields of consciousness.

This occured before the ancient egyptian culture.

The giza complex goes much further back in history than what mankind knows.

There were different states of experiencing the full spectrum in our history.
Different cultures did certain levels of intitation...this depended on the knowledge of that culture.

These people originally were taught by highly advanced adepts...

The problem is that people start to delve into different area's of intent.

Not knowing the ramifications of creating certain imitations...the conscious intent from a group, can alter over time from these creations.

In doing so...humanity has had to pay the price of inter mingling with these imitations, in our field of awarness.
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