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Message Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
These beings were here in some sort form before we set foot on this planet.

In the book..not in his image...they talk about sophia(earth) as creating a type of imitation being.

This would of been on the same lines as what was created by certain people in our past...thoughtforms.

Why did the earth create these beings...I'm not privvy to this information at this point.

The elite co-created the same type of form and infested the original concept.

Our world is built on heirachy systems...so are the imitations. You can see this in religions and all cultures.

In the grid lines...the primal sea of energy...lies dormant geometric shapes that form and manifest creations.
That's how our forms of humanity in body have come into shape.

Also the suns...planets and what have you.

The body of each creation is imbuded with geometric lines that bind the creation in place.
The imitations are formed through these shapes.

The subatomic level is vibrating at a certain level in geometric shapes.
When consciousness comes in contact with these forms..it can alter the vibrational frequency...like rewakening a sleeping giant as such.

Things lay dormant until conscious intent stirs the primiodial sea of energy.

If you have a good look in creation story's in most cultures...they talk about the inert sea of the abyss... that comes to life by the first conscious directive to come into being.

In other words...I'm guessing here...the first creation was a thoughtform that came into existance.
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