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Message Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
In today's world..there are a vast amount of people that practise the occult..in one form or another.

If you have a good look...there practises are the ones handed down through history in some form...be it high initate or more levels of simplistic knowledge.

The majority form a circle of intent towards a form of being that's known in history.

The thing that they don;t know is...these beings are the imitations from our past.

They talk about sigils that are created by a group...they are the ones that imbue the energy and intent within that creation.

The one thing that's missing... is that some of these beings take on a life of there own to co-exist through our history.

What makes them evolve more so are these groups of occult that operate in large numbers in our world that keep on evolving and energizing these entity's.

The heirachy system applies in the unseen world of imitations through the more evolved imitation that's taken on it's own life form.

The newer creations are basically autonomous in nature.
A good anology would be like the series star trek..the borg.

The borg are a collective autonomous hive with heirachy systems....who ever created that story new about the imitations.

now...a lot of our current problems in our world..be it depression..drugs...crime and what ever other form of depraved scene humanity partakes in...is connected with these beings.

These beings feed on energy lines in our field..the sexual base is the most promenade vehicle of feeding.

This I know for a fact...I'm not going to go into why I know here.

They pretty much feed like a pack of sharks...that energy is heaven sent to there forms.
The intent of sexual energy today is vibrating at a level that is in sync with there energy output.

They don't know anything better remember.
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