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The Confessional : A place to divulge a secret and maybe vent a little.

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05/21/2012 09:15 AM
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The Confessional : A place to divulge a secret and maybe vent a little.
My confession/rant

Been with my company for 12 years. They demand a 60 hour work week. I admit i agreed to it when i started the job but now we have a 29 year old "Operations manager" who spends more time trying to find ways to go play golf with customers then doing work..everytime i walk by his desk he's text messaging on his personal phone. We have an incompetent office staff save maybe 2 guys. We have a shop manager with a shit attitude that blames every problem on everyone else but his half baked shop staff.

Ive worked over vacations, no even a thank-you or a good job. Ive brought up the many issues(with ideas for solutions as well) only to be met with inaction from the ownership.

The owners watch this going and do nothing.

I have never asked for a raise, never asked for more time off then i am entitled to, worked my ass off since the company opened its doors, took an idea and developed it into a part of the business that has brought in over $700,000 in the last 8 years, Deal with the Ministry of Labour and multiple other government agencies that the owners dont want to deal with and wear many hats. not only do i do my job, but i answer phones,because the office staff is so lazy they would rather play on their cell phones then deal with a customer , i work the counter and have gotten behind on my own work in the past, i work every Saturday they need me to (more hours on top of the 60 mon-fri), i work late and go beyond whats is needed and get paid well below the average salary for a person in my position, I make $70,000 but most people in my position in companies make $85,000+

I'm at the point i am only there now for the paycheck and the pension plan. I now find myself extremely unmotivated, don't give a shit anymore (or give a whole lot less then i used to) and spend more time surfing the internet and playing video games like skyrim and other offline games then doing anything truly productive or satisfying. No im not some video game addicted wierdo, but it is a good mental escape for me.

The easy solution would be to find another job, the hard part is giving up on 12 years of stress and busting my ass to embark on something that may or may not workout and finding myself being first man out ( if things got slow) since with a new company i would be last man in.


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"I love a man who grins when he fights"
~Winston Churchill~
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1545764
05/21/2012 09:57 AM
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Re: The Confessional : A place to divulge a secret and maybe vent a little.
You're obviously a great person to be picking up everyone's slack for them even though you don't get rewarded. Keep it up!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 15152757
United States
05/21/2012 10:05 AM
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Re: The Confessional : A place to divulge a secret and maybe vent a little.
Unfortunately these days when you work harder then the folks around you, they stop working as hard.

It used to be that somebody like yourself would inspire people to pick up the pace.

Sounds like you'd be an asset to a business that cared, my advice would be to secure another job first, then give them an ultimatum.

That's what I do, or have done in my profession.

I start work in a place where the employees are slack, work circles around them, take on massive amounts of work with a smile, and just when they think they are on easy street, I put them on the spot.

It works about 99% of the time, especially when you point out the fact they'll have to hire 2-3, or more, people to replace you.

Good luck, don't put up with any shit.