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Dreams or Visions? I would love your opinion on my story(long Read)

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United States
05/21/2012 01:09 PM
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Dreams or Visions? I would love your opinion on my story(long Read)
Now to start... just over a year ago i was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. I began using drugs and alcohol when i was 16... i just turned 23 last month. I was addicted to drugs for nearly 5 years... my vices were alcohol Marijuana and Opiates(any Opiates mainly herroin in the end) During this five years of drug abuse i felt trapped... there was always something inside of me that felt what i was doing was wrong... keep in mind i was raised in an extremely christian family with 4 sisters (im the only boy) who are all extremely active in church. Near the end of my 5 year binge i started to really get sick of the scene i was in and at one point i resented the fact i felt bad for what i was doing.... now i realize its what saved my life... I began to prey to god that i would somehow find my way out of the mess i was in... i was using some drug or substance everyday no matter what.... on top of that smokeing a pack and a half a day of ciggys... My desire to do good in my life grew but i ccould not change my habbits... i had gone door to door selling alarms the year before and had done very well and was planning on going out again the upcomming summer ... so during february 2011 i had a major decision in my life to make....the year before the sales office i went out with frequently participated in drug and alcohol abuse going to the bar, finding cocain, smoking weed ect... so i new that i wanted to be done with that life... and i had done very well the year before so there were multiple different sales managers trying to pressure me into going out with them..... well i took a trip to florida to sell for 10 days... funded by my last years manager.... during that time out in florida with his team... i felt very a lone.... i was using drugs still and i had a dream that changed my life forever.... in this dream i was lead into a party in a house by a girl who i had never met... she lead me past the regular party into a back room where only a few people were.... now these peopple were doing something bad like doing a drug deal or something... you could just tell they were making a shady deal... i sat down on the couch and didnt care or pay them any attention being that i was used to being around things like that.... then one of these men walked over to me and put a shotgun in my face and said "you cant be here" and i was like Okay dude chill i will leave... so i got up and walked back into the main room where the party was and most everyone had cleared out... he then pointed a pistol at me and said "If you do not get out... we will kill you"... he then put the pistol down and walkked out... i picked up the gun and pulled the slide back and saw that their was ONE SHOT.... which later became symbolic to me that i was at a turning point in my life and i had one chance to get out.... at this point i feel that i was not fully succumbing to the powers of satin and god gave me this dream to tell me that satin would rather have me dead then interacting with other people he was tryingg to bring down... so i made the decision to go into a different sales office that summer with people i knew did not party... if i had gone out with the other office i know in my heart i would be dead. when i had this dream... it would not leave my mind and it was unlike any dream i had had before... it was so real... and not cloudly and hard to remember like most dreams are.... now about a week after that i had another dream but i cannot remember this one... but the impression i got at the time from this dream was that if i did not get my girlfriend (now my wife) out of that life that she could also be killed.... so after i got back home i made the decision to be DONE WITH EVERYTHING... i quit smoking weed drinking opiates and ciggerettes all cold turky... within a week.... my girlfriend who had also rebelled but raised christian followed me and said she would stop everything also.... so we did it we stopped.... a week later i asked her to marry me... because i knew she was the one after she made that commitment to me.... two weeks after that we found out she was pregnant.... and a month later on april 5th 2011 we were married... we had been together since i was sixteen and went through everything togetther and got out together....now im married have a salary job and im in school for software engineering... none of which would have been possible without gods help... he saved my life by giving me these dreams but ultimately i made the right choice.....now recently i had a dream that felt the same way as the one i had last year,, however the meaning of this dream has been a lot harder for me too decipher... maybe you can help.... so this one is a lot weirder.... So in my dream my wife and i enter this house and we walk into this first room in the house... i could sence an evil presence in the house in this first room i was holding my son and my wife was in the closet fighting something... the impression that i had was it was a demon or evil spirit of some kind... after a while she came out of the closet and i got the impression that she had defeated this thing... so together we went upstairs and stood in front of a door to another room that was sitting about 6 inches open... the impression was that this was for lack of a better word... the final room and i could sence great evil coming from inside it... my plan when we opened the door was to rush in and face whatever was there head on... i pushed open the door and immediatly felt a physical force pushing me back almost the feeling of two magenates repelling eachother ... accept this physical force was pure evil... in physical form and i was completely terrified... as i rushed in the room past this force what was in front of me blew my mind.... now i have been reading "embraced by the light" by Betty eady... which is a great book about her dying and going to heaven and gaining certain knowledge and then being sent back to her body.... is this book she describes deamons trying to atacvk her after she was sent back to her body directly after she has this amazing experience where she died in her hostpital bed and came back.... the profound thing is her discription of these demons was identicle to the thing that i saw wwhen i walked into this room in my dream.... i saw a Red skinned being... who had the face of and body of a human... it was shorter than i was and it was muscular you could see definition in the muscles... i did not see legs what i saw was a spirit not a body... this demon had red skin a muscular build and a face like a human accept it seemed like his face was covered in boils that had burst and left shreds of skin... and he had fangs for teeth... he also had hair imagine jet black hair that goes down the the middle of your back but also the head was balding on top like a receded hair line on the sides with a widows peak in the middle and half way down his hair he had something that brought the hair together ... like a pony tail...... i was so frightened of this being but i pushed forward and i put my hands around its throat...and in my mind i new there was something i was supposed to say that would make it leave... and it came to me to say "in the name of jesus christ i command you to leave" when i said this it look as though it turned to dust around my hands and dissapeared... as this was happening the dream ended and an image popped into my mind..... this is the weird part... now keep in mind I am against obama but had planned on supporting ron paul to the end... and mitt romney didnt ever really have my support... but the image that popped into my mmind was the "Mitt Romney 2012" campaign logo as clear as if i was looking at a picture... now i woke up right after this and immediatly started analysing everything i had just dreamed...I wondered what it all ment and i got the distinct impression that Mitt Romney has the power to save this country if he will stand up to corruption which he can do... Now i dont know why i was given this dream but i have recently changed my stance and i am now going to vote for mitt romney... which i know is not the most popular thing... but i feel i was given this for my own purpose because i had been praying for answers... now you can make what you want out of this dream but i feel that there was a deamon in my room that night and by the power of christ i made it leave... another weird coinsidence is when i woke up... my wife was not in bed with me and it was 3:00am she had gone to the couch because i was snoring to loudly from having allergies...I feel she was sent from the room because its something i had to experience and do for myself... i just feel like its really weird that last night i read the part in betty eadys book that perfectly described what i saw... she saw the same things as deamons...Sorry if this has been a hard read and i hope some will appreciate the fact that i shared something that i hold very close to me... these things i have only shared with my closest friends and family.... but now with you ... so please dont be cruel and give me your thoughts....
pss im a terrible speller and puncuator

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United States
05/21/2012 01:25 PM

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Re: Dreams or Visions? I would love your opinion on my story(long Read)
If you expect anyone to read this you best edit your post into paragraphs... Impossible to read as typed.
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