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Message Subject Sheriff Joe Sends Detectives to Honolulu
Poster Handle DIGITAL
Post Content
I don't get it, wouldn't the fact that his mother is an American citizen render this whole issue moot? Constitutional-wise I mean.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14803862

IF this were true then a woman could go to Iraq , have a baby with Saddam (unbeknownst to us), and ultimately and legally that child could become POTUS.

This is what the law is intended to prevent, and why it needs to continue to be upheld...
 Quoting: TS66

This is irrelevant; according to the US jurisprudence the place of birth makes one a "Citizen at Birth" AKA "Natural Born Citizen".

Nevertheless... "a woman can go to Oklahoma and have a baby with Timothy McVeigh (unbeknownst to us)" as well. What gives that?

Besides, did the British citizenship of the Funding Fathers' parents define their loyalty?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16455769

God damn your wrong...

Why dont you liberal obama fucks actually research the constitution vs make shit up..

5 types of citizen status spelled out in the constitution

"citizen" of the united states - born to at least 1 parent of us citizenship
(obama qualifies..for citizenship)

"citizen of the US at time of the adoption of the constitution"
Aka the grandfather clause, aka origional citizen
- long expired.. Meant u were here before the constitution, but not born here

"born citizen"
- you were born in the usa

"naturalized citizen"
- you went through the process of becoming a citizen, not born in usa

And finally

"natural born citizen"

Born of two parents of us citizenship of any type

The only requirement for us president

Obama doesnt fit this catagory
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