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Just saw this on Project Camelot, Kerry's blog.

Sounds interesting, this would be some PROPER doom, not like this dumbass Facebook share price bs doom.

"A massive solar flare is about to cause an electrical event beyond your imagination. This is the same electrical event that carved the Himalayan mountains. I have attached an article describing ley lines and dragon paths. Hundreds of new skyscrapers have been built around the world to catch the atmospheric electricity and disperse it into the ground. This is why the Pyramids were built !!! They grounded and dispersed electrical discharge. This is what mosques and temples were built for. Why do you think mosques are covered in gold and have tall thin spires around them ???? (SEE ATTACHED PIC). Why do you think skyscrapers have spires that are so massive. They are not radio transmitters. They are massive electrical grounding structures. Chemtrails are currently being used to insulate the earth's surface from excess ionization above the ionosphere. Just think about what your seeing. The USA's electrical grid and power outages are at an all time high....."

Rules are rules, the rest can be found at
[link to projectcamelotportal.com]

Lets see which shills will raise the BS flag first..
 Quoting: Deejay

Well, I read the whole thing and I can't even count how many degrees of crazy it is. To save people some time, I'll summarized the whole thing here:

"Jesus, Haarp, chemtrails, solar flairs, illuminati, Zeus, China, Japan, Egypt, Vatican, oil, free energy, blah blah blah blah blah blah."
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