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New App Scans "Bar Goers" Faces To Guess Age, Gender

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United States
05/23/2012 12:00 PM
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New App Scans "Bar Goers" Faces To Guess Age, Gender
(AP) SAN FRANCISCO - A watchful eye has arrived to check out patrons of San Francisco's bar scene.
A new app launched this weekend that will scan the faces of patrons in 25 bars across the city to determine their ages and genders. Would-be customers can then check their smartphones for real-time updates on the crowd size, average age and male-to-female mix to decide whether the scene is to their liking.

The Austin, Texas-based makers of SceneTap say the app doesn't identify specific individuals or save personal information. But in a city known for its love of both libations and civil liberties, a backlash erupted even before the first cameras were switched on from bar-goers who said they would boycott any venue with SceneTap installed.

SceneTap's ability to guess how old people are and whether they're men or women relies on advances in a field known as biometrics. A camera at the door snaps your picture, and software maps your features to a grid. By measuring distances such as the length between the nose and the eyes and the eyes and the ears, an algorithm matches your dimensions to a database of averages for age and gender.

[link to www.cbsnews.com]

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