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Message Subject Facebook --- IPO needs to be "HALTED", Investigated and "All Transactions REVERSED" since IPO
Poster Handle ***DRAGOON***
Post Content

You don't know me very well do you. I do not buy stocks, I sell them.

I am an Issuer.

I told Everyone I could "Do Not Buy FB IPO"

I have taken 6 of "MY" Companies Public.

 Quoting: ***DRAGOON***

No offense, but you seem far too crazy to hold a functional job with any responsibility.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4394822

I dont hold jobs, I am Chairman of My Corps.

Whats Crazy about Me?

 Quoting: ***DRAGOON***

Maybe what THROUGH me for a loop was your misspelling of "through", opting instead for "threw". Doesn't speak well to your intelligence. Then there's the overall level of crazy in your post, responses and size of font. All kinda nutzo.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4394822

My Security Lawyers "Para-Legal" corrects my Press Releases.


I do have 6 Combat tours
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