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GOP Rep. King says Obama officials disclosed identity of jailed Pakistani doctor

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United States
05/24/2012 09:17 AM
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GOP Rep. King says Obama officials disclosed identity of jailed Pakistani doctor
[link to www.foxnews.com]

Just read this article and tell me how many "wrongs" you see in this article. I'll post a few:

(Note: attempted some sort of listing with item number and then item number + response. Each line (minus R) is a direct quote from article.

1. GOP Rep. Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, expressed concern Wednesday about the extent of the Obama administrationís efforts to protect the Pakistan doctor who was sent to prison in Pakistan for treason after helping to find Usama bin Laden.

1R. He's second guessing an action being done...publicly? Talk about undermining authority. Also he doesn't ever say if he's for more or less government "backing" to the gentleman, only that he expresses concern over the administration's handling of it.

2. Dr. Shakil Afridi ran a vaccination program for the CIA to collect DNA and verify bin Laden's presence at the compound.

2R. Before I go irate over our government...please tell me since that DNA is no longer needed it is no longer stored correct? There better be some god damn accountability of the DNA.

3. King, R-N.Y., said administration officials talked about the doctor and his DNA sampling.

3R. So after you over run the kingdom or kill the king, you sit in the king's throne or throne room and eat all his trimmings of the pig right? Sounds pretty barbaric.

4. The doctor was sentenced to 33 years in prison on Wednesday for conspiring against the state -- a verdict officials said is likely to further strain the country's relationship with Washington.

4R. Oh no, our wrists are going to get slapped on our wrist because instead of thinking this through we comment and tell the news what exactly happened offering only the basic details.

5. "He was asked only to help locate Al Qaeda terrorists, who threaten Pakistan and the U.S.," the official told Fox News. "He helped save Pakistani and American lives. His activities were not treasonous, they were heroic and patriotic."

5R. (Slap face) So basically that's their excuse for holding that DNA information for who knows how long. I'm starting to get very angry or distrustful over our flipping government.

6. "He was working for a foreign spy agency. We are looking after our national interests," said a Pakistani intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with the agency's policy.

6R. I have to side with the Pakistanis (sp?) on this one. I mean no matter what duty you have, janitor or analyst. If you were for a certain group or organization you are tied to such organization.

7. The U.S. has pressed Pakistan to reopen the supply line, but negotiations have been hampered by Washington's refusal to apologize for the attack and stop drone strikes in the country as demanded by Pakistan's parliament.

7R. THIS is what truly angers me. So since we know Pakistan can't overpower us...and they ARE a SOVEREIGN (sp?) NATION we will continue to fly drones in their area until they attack us. Pathetic. Pathetic government, even more pathetic military for doing such acts.

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BlueCameo33 (OP)

User ID: 16172771
United States
05/24/2012 10:06 AM
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Re: GOP Rep. King says Obama officials disclosed identity of jailed Pakistani doctor