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If you are BLACK, stay of Miami streets this weekend (Memorial Day arrest quota 2000)


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United States
05/24/2012 11:52 AM
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If you are BLACK, stay of Miami streets this weekend (Memorial Day arrest quota 2000)
A reported arrest quota for Memorial Day weekend is causing anger and concern among community activists and union officers in Miami Beach.

Rumors of the quota, which allegedly calls for 2,000people to be arrested over the holiday weekend, first came to light in an email complaint from the officers' union. In that email, the union called the quota "aggressive, patently unfair, and unjust."

Police Chief Raymond Martinez has denied the reports, saying in an email to Local 10, "I want to be clear, there is no arrest quota for Memorial Day weekend or any other day on Miami Beach."But the ACLU is also concerned, especially when it comes to protecting civil rights.

"This is a big mistake they're making," said ACLU attorney Howard Simon."Their goal should be zero arrests, not 2,000 arrests. If police are going to use arrests not as a last resort, but as a first resort they're going to make the situation worse."

"The police chief can deny it all he wants, I've seen it in writing," Jordan said. "They have a plan on how they will tackle the weekend and the kinds of things they're going to do."

Perhaps I should change the thread title to "If you are ANYTHING, stay off the Miami streets this weekend." Cause they are gonna fill those quotas no matter what. siren2siren2siren2siren2siren2

[link to www.local10.com]
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