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Putin, WMDS, Fukushima, The FBI And The Great White Lie - Info packed Comments by John Kettler

Anonymous Coward
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United States
05/24/2012 03:59 PM
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Putin, WMDS, Fukushima, The FBI And The Great White Lie - Info packed Comments by John Kettler
Now, let's talk about Putin: ex-KGB (yeah, right), repeated violator of not one but a series of WMD Non Proliferation Agreements, to include flying special Russian-manned shuttle flights to Germany thence to Tehran for ultracentifuges, Inability/unwillingness to control nuclear weapons, to include the ones in Germany, on the sub and the Topol Ms on the Isle of Lewis. Gross violations of treaty terms with its topside ally; And I'd be remiss if I failed to mention Putin is reportedly a Mafiya crime lord.

The WOT is an excuse: for all manner of horror, and I've said so for years. Read Scott's The Politics of Cocaine, The Great White Lie by Levine, A Nation Betrayed by Gritz, to name but a few. Read the Red Cell report on Wikileaks in whch the CIA worries what will happen when Americans find out it's been exporting torture and torture techniques.

I know that the FBI deliberately refused to supply a nonworking bomb in the first WTC attack, since that wouldn't advance the agenda, just as I know that a whole bunch of bombs were hauled out of the Murrah Building before the Feds contained the story. I know about the calls that kept the DEA/IRS people home, while the clericals, daycare workers and kiddies were left to die.

I know about the Arabs training only for takeoffs but not landings and what they FBI did to those who reported it. and well do I know the astronomical profits attendant in building the National Security State.

As for Fukushima, were it not for help from the ETs/EDS, it would've collapsed long since, probably wiping out most of the life on the planet.

[link to johnkettler.com]