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Message Subject Are you a thread killer?
Poster Handle Who.
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How many of these threads that we kill are staffed to the hilt with fake posters, creating both sides of a bullshit argument to synthesize some sort of pre-fab conclusion in the readers?

The fake posters get nervous when someone comes along and makes sense that they can't argue against. So, they simply stop and let the thread die.

I suspect that as much as 70% of GLP traffic is people who only read and never post. 20% shills and fake counter-points and 10% real people who actually think with their brains.
 Quoting: Who.

What would be the point of all that effort. Dis info brainwashing?
 Quoting: William_the_Bloody

Lol, you quoted me but I didn't say that! I replied to that with another post.
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