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Message Subject Are you a thread killer?
Poster Handle Who.
Post Content

It's 21:30, you smart-ass! :-D

And no, it's not my bed time... well, I just took my formula, but I don't wanna go to sleep now. :-P
 Quoting: Who.

My bad, I'm fully dependent on this thing. Is it a secret formula......nobody's listening, trust me, I play a doctor on TV.
[link to www.worldtimezone.com]
 Quoting: DeadBeacon

That only shows time zones. Yes, I'm UTC +1, but we're in summer time, so now we're UTC +2This website shows the actual time. : [link to www.timeanddate.com]

Oh, and this is my formula... you know, fo babiez.
[link to www.alliedhealthworld.com]
 Quoting: Who.

Bookmarked....much better site. As to the formula, I'm not gonna make any more of those jokes. Your situation is what it is, whatever it is and if you do have a baby, my Blessings follow you around.

Rainbow Love
 Quoting: DeadBeacon

Uhm, whut?
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