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Message Subject Are you a thread killer?
Poster Handle institutionalized
Post Content

I love you baby paul. We must rendezvous if this thread is no longer a place we can meet and exchange words.
 Quoting: institutionalized

i`ll get back to u on that lol (i av ya number)
 Quoting: paul 24742725

Of course you do. I've made everything public. Tee Hee, I play a game that demands scrutiny. I got so bored with the normalcy and redundancy of life. So very bored indeed.
 Quoting: institutionalized

Scrutiny, here... Asking, wth? ; )
 Quoting: Anarchytype

I don't know. I lost it. I felt sanity escape me. It always did hate the container it was made to reside in. I'm not going to miss it. I'm doing better already. See? Can you see how well I'm doing?

Ouch. My spirit is writhing and in deep emotional pain.

I've made a grave mistake. Again.
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