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Message Subject Are you a thread killer?
Poster Handle Who.
Post Content

I'm here, my child. I can't do nothing but wait until this thread is closed. :-S
 Quoting: Who.

FATHER DADDY WHO. You still have your star. The intel we had been given described it as being gone.

Will you continue on, even after the death of our most beloved?
 Quoting: institutionalized

Hm, I don't know I still have that star...

At any rate, I don't know what will happen when this thread dies...

I suppose that if I want to create another one, I will get reported... or banned.
 Quoting: Who.

This makes no sense what so ever. Why is this thread being terminated? Why does a person who is not the OP have squat to do with your thread? What conceivable story can we hear that justifies this behavior.
 Quoting: A Friend

I'm not the one to tell you why, because I don't understand a thing about this.

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