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Message Subject Are you a thread killer?
Poster Handle institutionalized
Post Content

I'm here, my child. I can't do nothing but wait until this thread is closed. :-S
 Quoting: Who.


I'm here, my child. I can't do nothing but wait until this thread is closed. :-S
 Quoting: Who.

But father, do not close this thread or I shall be threadbare and threadless. This means I come here for solace when my meds will not kick in.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1085425

It's not me who wants this thread closed. I don't want to close this thread. If this thread dies, it won't be because I have closed it, but because DeadBeacon asked for it.
 Quoting: Who.

Well, well, well...look WHO squeezed a Gold star out his butt!! That must have been painful!?
.....and I didn't "ask for it", I'm takin' it.

You TK wannabe's don't know shit!!!!!!

30 hrs., 26 min's.
 Quoting: DeadBeacon

Hi DeadBeacon let's not be to quick to proclaim that shit is unknown. Let us instead refer to what is known. Like your sig. Seems so familiar.

You showed your hand. You are so fucking connected it's not even funny. Henry X knows of this, and so do you.

What do I know? I'm just a sacrifice. All bled out and dead, living ghost, haunting forever.

"I know you well, better than one might think".

I hope it was not your hatred for me that was the catalyst for the unrighteous murder of this thread.

Now it's your turn. You've been activated. We await your comm's.
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