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Message Subject Are you a thread killer?
Poster Handle institutionalized
Post Content
From the Corpus Hermeticum,

Man that hath Mind in him, let him learn to know that he himself is deathless, and that the cause of death is love, though love is all.
 Quoting: Anarchytype

Wow. Very complex the quote. You slap my consciousness with surprise. It's as if you reach into me and shake me, screaming for me to wake up and find my awaiting destiny.
 Quoting: institutionalized

...if only you knew. ; )
 Quoting: Anarchytype

Yes, if only. I'm about to know with absolute clarity very soon, aren't I?

I'm ready.

The time draws ever nearer. Within a moment's notice I'll have my bags packed. This journey has already created a destination. Impatiently I await to start my travels.
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