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Message Subject Are you a thread killer?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

The site is in great hands......ours. I am one. This thread, however, needs to fade away.
 Quoting: DeadBeacon

Did the thread perhaps cross lines of decency that offended the moderation team of the web-site? If so was anybody specifically singled out?
 Quoting: institutionalized

Nope. Just found the right Mod that agreed with the fact that this may be the never ending story....about nothing.
 Quoting: DeadBeacon

Well you guys were right. That was the beautiful part of the whole thing. Thread Killers united and found friendship. Some of us even found family. Yea, that was not going to go away.

Tons of great conversations. Mutual affinity. It made for a pleasurable internet experience.
 Quoting: institutionalized

I wish I had talked more :)

I mostly listened. Have some ice cream.

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