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Message Subject Are you a thread killer?
Poster Handle institutionalized
Post Content
My response is different. . . . JERKS!
 Quoting: Sloane

Oh come on, think of it as an experiment in how caught up we can get over people we don't really know.
 Quoting: DeadBeacon

So you and Who are still cool? HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I really thought you guys had a rivalry going. Good show. It was like watching a play.

Probably what gave me my doubts about it being a joke.
 Quoting: institutionalized

We're excellent!!!! I'll start posting some of our private conversations over the next few days. They are hilarious! We even set up time lines as to when we would get ugly at each other.
 Quoting: DeadBeacon

I wonder why Who has not made it in yet? It seems like he would be all over this aspect of it. It's like a celebration. He is missing out.
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