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Message Subject Are you a thread killer?
Poster Handle DeadBeacon
Post Content
In private messages...

He he... ohyeah

Have a good night!
Quoting: Who.

I trust you had a good night. You devious......well done! I thought about a date, how about 12/12/12 at 12:12 p.m. ,GLP time. That'll give us lot's of time to have fun and raise the tension between you and me and anybody else that wants to ride this puppy.
Quoting: DeadBeacon

O_O That would be fun but, do you believe we can make it last that long? Moreover, at that time people will be celebrating new year or doing other things.

Bye, asshole! :-D
Quoting: Who.

How about 10/04/2012.....that's 33 days before the election, in the US.....that will the number tards on the loose! I'm gonna start to get "angry" and insulting to draw more into the trap. If you agree, let me know.

Bye, dumbass! :-D
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