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Message Subject Are you a thread killer?
Poster Handle DoubleHelix
Post Content
The ramble is the preamble to the less inclined to read bettwen the lines. as i wright this, there is no stoping the intelectual misspelling of the failing grammer snap gram cracker tast of the hasty grit of the grim that seems to rime for a bit is waht just hit the dome of the phone home. i think isaid that right but i will not fight the test of time that may unwind into the spirit of the self pelts the hit the squlched, quench the thierst pinch within the winch or the deleted greted beat this beatnis of the lestis in the head of the elitest imagination. son, periode, inferion, insirion, computer program. <one more of those just might make me explode into another episode of.. wait, stop, no go, low and behold and rise up above the toad stool pool of swerling werling sting sensation of the never ending pending word that i heard from the other oh whatever, nevermind, dont even bother cuz i just triped over the clover wuz lucky for someone evntualy belive it will leave in due time, yes i corected that one but oh well.
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