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Message Subject 5 Ways Public Schools Prepare Us For Prison Life
Poster Handle c
Post Content
Numbers 5,4, and 1 make me wonder. And Ive always thought that schools resembled prisons, with being forced to be trapped in a building doing school work all day and god forbid seeing the sun, 7 hours a day, 5 days a week for almost a year every year.
 Quoting: Haelo

Lack of sun can cause a deficiency of Vitamin D...you can take all the suppliments in the world and drink fortified milk but they only provide the PRE-currsor for Vit. D, you must have sun on your skin to produce it....sun screne anyone...

Plus they control the foods...breakfast now as well...like the prisons and the military...government produced foods...

Take a look at your local law enforcement buildings especially newly built and the prisons, then look at the design of you newer schools...the 'decorations'...and look at your new 'boys and girls club' buildings...

stripes created by different colored bricks/blocks...like stripe on the old prison outfits...no longer on the inmate, but now on the building...

Visited Boys and girls club cus my step-son was enrolled...creepy as all get out...run by kids, no safety, the 'guards' stand around the 'yard' and do little to interact with the 'inmates'....unless a fight breaks out...

I have taught afterschool programs, this was nothing close to the program I worked for...it was scary...

BTW, my kids were instructed to sneak away if the school ever tried to herd them on a bus to take them to a second location...otherwise known as an evacuation.

My kids may have thought I was a little out-there back then but when we talk now, I don't look so silly.

Many of the people in these institutions are well meaning and love the kids, if only they realised how they were being used.

bye for now.
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