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Message Subject Just curious What happens to Religion if Aliens is proven to exist ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Christians would be fine. Visitation has happened before. Of course, what our book says about the visitors isn't what new agers believe.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13694240

Exactly! of course there are aliens. Except they arent actually aliens, its the lie they are coming with though. They want human beings to think they are from far away galaxies becasue they are advanced in knowledge and technologies. They are the ones who are fallen, and cast into the earth. Why do you think they have the world Governments bulding underground bases. To try and hide from the wrath to come. They are four dementional beings. They will deceive many!!!
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 Quoting: Follower of Jesus nli 16618419

Not all of them are from human race, althought the humanoide form is the most common form in the Multiverse.
There are many races.
Don't generalise brother, just like there are "bad" and "good" humans on Earth, the same with aliens. Each one with their own frequency, dimensions there are 12, each one with infinite levels of vibratory frequency.
That's why I laugh when people say all aliens are demons LOLOL SO, there are some human "demons" on Earth too,there is for sure! AHAHAHAHAH
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