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Message Subject Just curious What happens to Religion if Aliens is proven to exist ?
Poster Handle Éireann
Post Content
only islam survives as the Quran clearly tells that other creatures/beings exist throughout the universe...

This along with the countless other miracles that the Holy Quran contains will just further prove the Quran to be the only true revealed word of God...

[link to www.quranmiracles.com]
[link to www.miraclesofthequran.com]
[link to www.amazing19.com]

now you can all start throwing the insults!
 Quoting: *The Gatekeeper*

Thus begins the Great Pissing Contest of the 3rd Crusades.

I get so tired of everyone's so-called truth being the only truth as if they can possibly know it all. Infinite God = Infinite Information and our little wooden heads can't grok it.
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