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Message Subject Just curious What happens to Religion if Aliens is proven to exist ?
Poster Handle dei sapientiam in mysterio
Post Content
the aliens brouht us here and there religion here. the belief in god.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11884238

Pagan Animism, Totemism, Pantheism and Polytheism were degradation of the pure and true Monotheism. Monotheism was established in the Garden of Eden, on Mount Ararat, at Haran, at Akhetaten/Tell al Amarna, at Mt. Sinai, at Jerusalem, and at Rome. A search for a way out, i.e. rebellion, by wicked men, and the resultant fallout, continues; but, not much longer. The worship of fallen angels is a dead-end. Don't be seduced. They'll be returning soon, along with Satan, who can appear as an angel of light and who will pretend to be Christ returning. Don't fall for it. The real Christ will come soon after and will not be very happy with a lot of you.
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