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Message Subject Just curious What happens to Religion if Aliens is proven to exist ?
Poster Handle redrosie
Post Content
This was on the history channel the other night, ongoing alien specials on H2 .. they were debating this question .. although all said the same thing ..

.. all earth religions and even governments will fall apart .. they said if aliens came it would crush all belief systems ..

But I disagree .. I am agnostic but have studied religion .. two that firmly believe in aliens .. Latter day Saints and Jehovah's .. ask them when they come to your door ..

I studied with the Mormons for a while .. they believe there are millions of earths and gods and if you are faithful to your God here .. you will become a God of you own earth .. not that they use it, but showed me specific versus in the Bible of this ..

.. and I know two devout Jehovah's .. they believe when a supposed asteroid comes to earth .. everyone will go mad .. end of the world style, as they wait patiently for their mothership to land and take them home ..

So which religions will crash and why .. was my thought watching the documentaries?
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