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Message Subject Just curious What happens to Religion if Aliens is proven to exist ?
Poster Handle WakeUp! Message
Post Content
Well there you have it
Muslims cant handle much,
A cartoon , a movie etc. etc.

There would be total chaos - they would never be able to handle the truth and would rather KILL/or be killed

I rest my case
 Quoting: What if ?

I understand where you are coming from, the current situation does definitely make you feel like that...

The Question for me really comes...
What makes one Religion sooo different from the other, allowing one to attack if someone makes a joke and the other not? There are hundreds of jokes (funny, dirty, insulting, etc...) out there on about every other Religion.
Not to mention full 2 hour documentaries (also by porn producers and worse) insulting other religions into the ground... But non of them stood up and started bashing around the place...?!

I just feel like saying... STOP freaking out! It's just some dumb movie and if you know what is true to you... Then just stick to that and ignore the rest, unless of course someone is hitting a particular nerve?!

Anyhow... That was my 2p.

PS: I think the other problem there may be is... if your Religion teaches you that you will be rewarded if you kill and sacrifice and suicide yourself in the name of your god... then you would not feel bad about anything your doing... but anyway... just thinking aloud.

:-) PPS: here a little video on "Forget Religion as we know it... and seek TRUTH"... made that back in August
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