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Anonymous Coward
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05/26/2012 04:56 PM
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that is only a link to a rane forcast it dosnt prove enything its only a rain radare

HAARP is a nicilis teasala tecnoligy that was developed
as a missile defence program in the 90s

i am not going to lie to you the HAARP is probably causeing weather complicateions arount the world (this theary is not confermed)

but there is one thing that is confermed the HAARP has annof shok waves in it to cause an earthquake and sanamies if administered difectly to the earth's serfice(directly)

the HAARP has allso been known to cause weard sounds (this is proven look up HAARP strange sounds to fined more its what i did)

i could go on forever telling facts on the HAARP if you wont to heer more replie to me but if you dont like what you hear heer then dont put pleas if your gona talk about the HAARP reaserch it first.