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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle ST. TOMA
Post Content
Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says?

I was guided to this after I had prayed, while visiting My boyfriend who passed away last July very suddenly of leukemia. I was visiting him at the cemetary and I heard my inner voice telling me to go look around because there was a surprise waiting for me. While walking I found a headstone with my last name on it. I thought that this was the "sign" untill I turned around and saw this huge tomb with very strange markings on it. This tomb has been set aside for someone who has not passed away yet. I found it all to be very interesting since it was written in greek and my boyfriend who passed away was greek as well! I will post pictures off all the different things inside this tomb so you can see them better. I would appreciate ANY help anyone could give in regaurds to what it all means!

I do believe this message I found is very important and feel it has to mean something I need to "Know" since I was led to it through either angels or my higher self! Thanks again!

cem9 Picture#1
cem10 Picture#2

cem1 Picture#3

cem4 Picture#4

cem2 Picture#5

cem3 Picture#6

cem5 Picture#7

cem8 Picture#8 I am familar with what Schumann means. Also the guys name inside was Mark Darryll and had nothing to do with Schumann!

cem7 Picture#9
:cem13: Picture#10

For any info you have could you please just state the piture # and what info you can provide for it? Thank you soooo Much! It means alot to me! :):blwkss:
 Quoting: Nicolemare

do you yourself identify with any of this? what made you think that this was part of a message for you? was it just your name on the adjacent tombstone?

Maybe it's just trying to re-assure you that is your on the right path/direction? Maybe letting you know despite recent sarrow and losses, there is still a plan and a pattern and it will all be okay. (this is what i would think seeing as how you saw your name than turned around and immedietly saw this, may i ask was there a feeling of dejavu when you saw your name?)

do you not follow any of these topics of ufos and planets/planet shifts and everything else depicted? if that were the case i would think someone who loves you with information they have is somehow trying to share it with you so you wont feel/be alone or lost if it does occur

or likewise do you indeed follow these topics and possibly your boyfriend didnt share the same ideas? or you debated about them with him? Now maybe he "it" is letting you know you won the arguement.
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