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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle Victorian
Post Content
She did. But the more I think about it the fishier this whole thing is.

Where is the OP?

Re-read "her" original post. We're taking everything she is telling us to be the truth.

1. How does she know the guy's not dead yet?Did she go inside? Was it locked? Could she SEE anything inside?

2. Why is she asking us to interpret this whole thing as though it is meant to be a gift for her from her boyfriend who suddenly died?

3. If her boyfriend was into all of this stuff, wouldn't she have known it?

3. If we've put so much time in this why couldn't she be more clear about the part where she says she knows what "Schumann" means but not tell US what it means.

4. Why wouldn't she give us the location of this cemetery so we could easily research it ourselves? I imagine such a crypt would stand out in most cemeteries and even mentioned somewhere on the Internet.

5. Do you see any other vaults around anywhere? All I see is a chained fence. I don't think such an ornate tomb would be placed in such an unkempt part of the cemetery.

Something tells me we've all been played.
Just what if the real OP is the person who designed this crypt and is sitting back laughing at us?

Just my opinion.

 Quoting: Miggy

1. She didn't.Read the thread.
2. Read the thread.
3. read the thread.
3a.read the thread.
4 she did and a link was even provided.
5. look in the reflection. there are other tombstones. Clearly she's in a cemetery.

 Quoting: Victorian

Victorian, again I thank you. It appears I skipped page two and went to page 4. My sincere apologies to the Op and all who are working so hard to help her out.

 Quoting: Miggy

I do realize it's going to take more and more time to read this thread as it goes along, but grab a libation of choice and read through it. It will make more sense I think.

I meant to say she did know he wasn't dead simply by no D.O.D. on the tomb.
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