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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle ST. TOMA
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I think that pic #9 is of the Babylonian winged lion. The Babylonians researched the planets alot too. I researched a bit, nothing is jumping out at me though. Figured I would mention...
 Quoting: Ayurherbalist

babylonia was a direct decendent of sumaeria, all present day iraq, the assyrians (also modern-day iraq )also depicted such winged people/animals and represented their heven (nibiru)with a cross in the sky in most statues. some with in a globe as depicted on this forum and the previous link givin.

sumeria or the sumer go back 6000 years or so, they discovered pluto some 3000 years before science has today (in the 1930s),. they had pictures of all the planets in our system, even neptune pluto, uranus. they even knew the individual details that you could only know if you actually saw it up close, like color, accurate size depictions, proper orbit.

what strikes most is that theyre are 12 planets depicted in the pictures and carvings,

so how did they know all of these details about the planets, like color accurate orbit..
i havent even mentioned that us ourselves didn't even realise the earth wasen't the center of the universe till some x1000 years after.

their 12th planet was nibiru and the represented it with a cross in the sky or just a globe with a cross. i think some reaserchers says it takes 3600 years for us to achive 1 year for them on their planet (they being the winged animal/humans depicted aka annunakki), because the orbit is on such an elongated route.
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