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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle One Moment
Post Content

Fibonacci Time Table of planetary alignments?


0 = Beginning of planetary alignment or birth?

 Quoting: Uncle Mikey

I like how you think!!!!

Would you venture a guess as to why there are apostrophes after the Y and X (on the bottom and right)?

What does that whole configuration of letters and numbers mean? I'm with you as far as this being a Fibonocci diagram though.

Man, I just find THIS more fascinating than the planets/UFO although it's a friggin awesome tomb.

But why would someone, seemingly ahead of his time, spend all this money if he knows there is no death? That part is ironically interesting too.
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