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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Can the polar clock be overlaid on the wreath in a manner that the 'seeds' will line up with the time?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20366969

Not including the 2 seeds at either side of the 'X', there are 12. If they were to represent the months, I would think that you would read it from left to right.

If it were to represent time, then I would want to believe that the seeds would be circular around, instead of staggered.

That leads me to believe it may represent the signs of the zodiac...assuming there was a hidden 14th constellation I don't know about. The 13th being Ophiuchus.

If there is, then the polar clock has to go together somehow.

Another thought I have is the 'X' at the bottom with two seeds on either side could represent the number 12, and there are 12 zodiac signs.

Food for thought.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20366969

A/C, thank you for your hint.

I woke up with multiple revelations; perhaps listening to others thoughts overnight ? [like a choir of crickets whispering in my ear].

The "X" with "seeds" on either side is a "transverse section of the medulla oblongata".
[link to www.bartleby.com]

Everything fell into place. Why?
I'm awakening. [p.s., M. don't need taxi me thinks; and, wouldn't wanna go back].
The whispers in my sleep are benevolent brothers/sisters.

A laurel wreath is met to envelop the head which contains the brain wherein the "magic" happens.
Therein, lies the Pi/4-DQPSK.

We already have the anatomical structures necessary to expand/evolve/ascend [be more like our ancient advanced ancestors].

Formal proof:


now a close-up [note red 'seeds' either side of "X"]:


now the laurel wreath; placed upon the head such that the knot, "X", rests above the pons

:laurel wreath tp:

now an overlay of knot "X" with lateral cerebrospinal fasiculus, "red seeds" [which when placed on the head, is co-incident with the medulla oblongata].


I think i may now understand what the Tower of Babel story is all about.

We screwed up [or, were deliberately ??] when we switched from symbolism to alphabets [letters, letters to make words, words strung together to make sentences, punctuation, syntax for convenience; got lazy.
Forgot how to use what we already possess.

The thread is most definitely about harmonics, Schumann resonance, brain electrical impulses, neural oscillation [this is where Schrodinger (see his grave marker) and Maxell fit in].

Awakening/ascension is when you breakthrough to the higher plane/neuronal oscillations/dimension; moving from QPSK to Pi/4-DQPSK.

The ascended are on Niburu.
Their brethren are enslaved on Earth.
[note the duality]
Yes, there is an inter-dimensional battle.

Neal Stephenson wrote about it [Snowcrash].
Arthur C Clark wrote about it [Childhoods End].

The battle is fought metaphorically.

For some reason, the window of opportunity is now.
The ascended must assist our brethren in breaking their bonds.
 Quoting: Ezrin

seriously though im pretty sure you might be the one who made this in the first place, if not, you may know more than the person who did.
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