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Message Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
Poster Handle Practically ET
Post Content
"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane."
Marcus Aurelius

Thanks for the welcome hehe.. I have been "on the taxi" for quite some time now :-P.

Do you guys ever read ST in BG's thread? If you're interested in these things, you would definitely like what he has to say, whether you choose to accept it or not.

ST is of the energy essence Enki of the Anunnaki. The information his provides lines up with all this, and has vastly expanded my knowledge.

I take things with a grain of salt. But ST and group have physically helped me heal before, along with showing me many things (in dream state, I have never taken drugs besides smoked Mary Jane), etc. really I'm not crazy, it really happened.

Has anyone asked ST about this?

Hi I had an observation.

I noticed someone said "Sum n" .

This is very similar to "Sumerian" in relation to Nibiru?

All of what I've read about frequencies etc that you all are discussing. It makes total sense. Nibiru cannot be seen, but will "somehow" manifest into our reality, or.. Our... Frequency?

I'm on my phone - hard to type,, but just from reading a few pages here I'm blown away. Whoever left this design is brilliant, to say the least. Perhaps he had... or was trying to figure out the equation of "altering" frequencies?

I've read enough to know that Nibiru, if it exists, will manifest itself into this reality and likely Not be seen for long beforehand. Could be this guy was just "in the know" but took it upon himself to do the extensive research / calculations etc.

Wish I had more time to read all of your observations. I will read more later.
 Quoting: Practically ET

Welcome P-ET! Those ideas really resonate (pun) with me.

The idea of Nibiru being interdimensional is one I share with you. To me it explains why a small window of time exists when a dimensional overlap occurs, allowing travel between each world.

Did you ever consider that it might just be certain places on the planet that open up allowing a walk through, because Nibiru is in the exact same space as Earth?!!!!!!!!!!
i.e. It is 'Earth' in another dimension?

Frequency is everything I believe, and harmonics are a part of that. The two worlds may well need to be at the same frequency and at the same time and place for door ways to open up.

I have a rediculously long theory about oil, mining, and controlling the expansion of the Earth, which is ultimately about the Schumann resonance, that directly rlates to this idea of synchronistic frequencies. Stopping the right time, right place, right frequency deal, so the overlap does not occur.

Would seem to be a looong wait between visits though! (5200 years?) Once you've stepped across thats it!! That would piss one off immensely, should you be left behind eh..

I see expeditions like Admiral Byrdes as such an event. Not a full line up of the worlds, but a 'rub' between dimensions, allowing a 'peek' at the next, maybe even a cross over point, for a limited time.

And, yes, the Sum n, whilst initially my intent was about numbers, the word Sumerian did come to mind!!

That answers Ezrins question too doesnt it?

Welcome aboard the crazy bus P-ET. LOL.

[Hey Ezrin, might have been a 'taxi' ... heeheehee.]
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